Day Fourteen - Littlebeck to Robin Hood's Bay

Fri. 22nd May 2009

Overnight:- Intake Farm - One of the best (if not the best) accommodation, saved until last, with a wonderful welcome with lashing of hot tea and Bakewell Tart. Intake is a proper working family farm, which also takes in B&B. There were just four of us last night and we all sat around the family dining table and were served up both chicken and beef casserole followed by home made rhubarb crumble and custard.

Intake Farm


Big (not little) white bull - didn't like the way it snorted and stamped its feet when I tried to get closer


Today's Elevations

Today's Route


Nanny and Billy (not necessarily in that order) over looking the garden gate as we leave Littlebeck


The Hermitage - hollowed out from solid rock. It is situated in the Littlebeck Nature Reserve


Looking out from the inside of the Hermitage


Cheer up Matt - just look how much bigger you are than that 20 foot plus high waterfall - Falling Floss


Not our first sighting of the sea, that was two days ago but the first that was photographable. This is Whitby 6 miles to the north of our final destination of Robin Hoods Bay


Just for a change from sheep - Sheltered ponies at a stud near High Hawkser


Through the caravan site that gives us access to the coastal path - our leg leg


So close now - our first sighting of the Bay


Congratulations and well done - made it. We wash our boots this time in the North Sea


The final photo of the day outside of the Wainwight Bar of the Bay Hotel right on the waters edge. We then adjourned inside to take one or two libations as were richly deserved

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