Day Thirteen - Glaisdale to Littlebeck

Thurs. 21st May 2009

Overnight:- Beggar's Bridge B&B - Definitely in our top three of C2C accommodations, couldn't fault it. A truly lovely place to stay and a very warm welcome upon arrival. Breakfast was great served up in the conservatory overlooking the garden.

Beggars Bridge B&B


Today's Elevations

Today's Route


The Beggars Bridge - built by some guy who had nearly drowned in the river trying to cross to reach his sweetheart. So why "beggars" - no one seemed to know.


The charges to use the old toll road through the Egton Bridge Estate. Nice touch the reduced price for the dead, very compassionate.


A look back at the Toll House


Bridge across the river as we enter Grosmont (silent "S" - gromont)


Grosmont is on the North York Moors Railway Line from Pickering.


Gates over the road are closing - train must be coming



Here it comes now - whoo whoo. (It only goes whoo actually - most disappointing)

"Stand back from the edge madam"


A nice good-bye to Grosmont a 33% (1 in 3) slog up hill


We'd seen it yesterday but had been too far away to photograph. But yes that's it most definitely the sea. Just past Whitby Abbey.


And finally the up hill slog takes us to the top of Sleights Moor.


Heathcliffe, what is it you don't understand about sun, sea and sangria as a holiday destination? Consider yourself dumped.


And finally to the village of Littlebeck


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