Day Twelve - Clay Bank Top to Glaisdale

Wed. 20th May 2009

Overnight:- Maltkin House - Never again, least said soonest forgotten. Ate a bowl of cereals this morning before realising milk had gone off, thought it was the cheap brand of cornflakes that tasted funny.

Today's Elevations

Today's Route


The old railway line just past Bloworth Crossing, typical of today route of many long and not vey winding roads/paths


This Lapwing an its mate thought we were geting too close to their nest and made lots of fuss trying to scare us away


The Lion Inn, the fourth (I am told) highest pub in England. It certainly is in a remote area.


Rosedale Valley below the Lion Inn


One of the anceint stones on the moors. This one commanly known as "Fat Betty"


Haven't had an Arr' for a few days


Great Fryup Dale - Honest no wind up that's what it called. Can you guess the name of the village?



Another long road. This one leading up to Glaisdale Rigg


Made it. A hard day today.

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