Day Eleven - Ingleby Cross to Clay Bank Top

Tues. 19th May 2009

Overnight:- Blue Bell - Have say this was certainly the best overnight pub stay of the three we had booked. No frills, proper food (not mucked out with) and a good quality room with an additional living/television room. Very nice and would recommend to anyone as an overnight stopover.

Blue Bell


Strange "chain man" in the car park of the Blue Bell


Today's Elevations

Today's Route


Logging was on going the forestry area which made going difficult as we climbed up though Arncliffe Wood


Matt and Richard (Canada) as we enter Scarth Wood Moor


Bluebells in Coalmire


The "long and winding path" along Live Moor


Lord Stones Cafe at the bottom of Carlton Bank. Time for tea and cheese and pickle sandwiches.


Chaffinches looking for a meal at the Lords Stones Cafe


Looking back to Cringle Moor


Wain Stones as we drop down into Bilsdale and our overnight stay at Maltkin House

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