Day Ten - Bolton-on-Swale to Ingleby Cross

Mon. 18th May 2009

Overnight:- Laylands Cottage - Funny place and much bigger than the frontage suggests. Owned and run by an elderly couple, the male of which (in my opinion) pretense to be deaf, if you heard her going on you might understand this. There is nowhere to eat in the village of Bolton-on-Swale and the B&B does not offer an evening meal and so "Mr Hard of Hearing" quite kindly runs you to the pub/eating establishment 3 miles up the road and collects you at pre-agreed time, hearing every word said whilst doing so. Nuff said?

Laylands Cottage


Today's Elevations

Today's Route

A deadly day today, reputed to be the most boring day of the trip and oh dear they were so correct. Today consisted of the first 8 miles along tarmac country lanes lined with hedges of 8 feet high. It was like walking down a never ending tunnel. The last leg was a little better through fields trapped between crops and 6 foot deep dykes (that's deep dykes not tall dykes) This is the bit between the the Yorkshire Dales and the Yorkshire Moors, it's pasture land, fields and fields of grass and crops all perfectly flat not a contour anywhere to be seen. At least that's all over now and we can look forward to the moors tomorrow and the next 4 days.

Another bridge in need of a little maintenance


C2C's outside the White Swan in Danby Wiske which is now closed for business. Surely an ideal business opportunity. It's only 10:30 and already queuing at the door.


Looking a bit black over Bill's mothers - typical weather today, waiting for the next spate of rain to hit


Just one more river (road) to cross. The A19, take your life in their hands and leg it when you think appropriate


We've all seen white painted stones on grass verges to prevent cars being parked. This place takes it another stage on and bonds "cats eyes" to them


Water tower at Ingleby Arncliffe


Inscription on the water tower

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