Day Nine - Reeth to Bolton-on-Swale

Sun. 17th May 2009

Overnight:- Walpardo - A big big thank you goes out to our hosts at the Wapardo. We had dropped our overnight bags downstairs as we left as usual for collection later by Sherpa. When we arrived at our evening accommodation I found a carrier bag tied to the handle of my bag, it was the charger for the computer which I had left in the bedroom. It must have been found and sent on, without it this diary would have had to stop.

Today's Elevations

Today's Route

(Route is accurate but incomplete as we now intend to continue on through Richmond and onto Bolton-on-Swale. For remainder of this walk see day 10. Map will be updated in due course)


It seems that some of the guys and gals back at work won't see more pain, more blood. Well this is the best we can do I'm afraid - a bruised toe nail, so sorry


The old Marrick Priory ruins


The Nuns Steps


The village of Marske


One the more obvious C2C signs. This one as we entered Richmond


The Norman Keep at Richmond castle


Wild Garlic


An extremely boring underpass but this one mark a milestone for us as it takes us past the A1


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