Day Eight - Keld to Reeth

Sat. 16th May 2009

Overnight:- Butt House - Our only accommodation where dinner was compulsory as there was (is now) no where else to eat, but what feast. Home mad vegetable soup, Lamb Henry with all the trimmings, finished off with a local selection of cheese and biscuits.

Butt House


Trish and Linda our Hostess's at Butt House


Today's Elevations

Today's Route


The falls at Keld. Matt for some reason has decided that skiing the thing for him - less walking I guess.


Okay who's navigation got us this far out?

At Keld the north/south Pennine way crosses the west/east C2C


Stealing food from a Pheasant feeder in woods.


A black wild rabbit. We considered it to be very unusual.


Swinner Gill


We had met up with Jane and Gaz from back home for the day. For some reason Jane seems to have a Gin and Tonic in her hand - strange that


The Swale as we close in on our destination, Reeth


A walled footpath is common but a footpathed wall not so. About a 4-5 foot drop on each side.

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