Day Six - Shap to Kirkby Stephen

Thurs. 14th May 2009

Overnight:- Brookfield House:- Christine at Brookfield is something else. We arrived late(ish) and were told to get changed and come back down for tea and scones. By the time we had returned downstairs it was well passed 6pm and we were ready for our dinner. Oh no sit yourselves down and try some of these (scones, cream, jam the lot) some of these orange fairy cakes (Matt quite liked them) and do you want more tea? We managed to find our way out by about 7 and ate at the Greyhound, cracking pub and good food.

That reminds me, we had stopped off at the Greyhound earlier on for a whistle wetter after a hard day on the trail, the pub was quite but there was a rather excitable young lady behind the bar who we sat chatting to as we drank our fill. We couldn't believe our eyes when the next minute she was showing us her puppies.

Brookfield House (with Matt getting in the way again)

Settle down - your minds playing games again, the gutter is begining to come through now, these were puppy dogs which she had pictures of on her mobile, not what you lot were thiking.

What was meant by it was a pity she didn't have a cat I have no idea

Today's Elevations

Today's Route

(As my software only covers the National Parks many thanks to "The Lone Walker" from who's web site I "half-inched" this map)

Today and yesterday have been hard days, the buzz and adenaline rush of the start has now passed and we have "hit "a bit of a wall. We'll get through it I'm sure of that but the next two days, which hopefully will be a little easier, will be crucial for the recharging of our batteries. Weather forecast is not however looking good with heavy rain predicted for both days.

Oh hum, they've been wrong before.


The M6 Footbridge (or is it now a toll or may be troll bridge)


M6 south from said foot bridge (about 08:45)


"I wonder how long I can stand here without falling off"



Sunbiggin Tarn - supposedly a haven for wading birds, We saw 2 swans and heard but coudn't see some Canadian geese - disappointing to say the least


Smardale Bridge


Matt a guy from Middlesbough way (who name I can't remember at this time of night) on said bridge. George the bridge needs fixing.


Smardale Viaduct


The old and best things never die - King of the Castle - sheep version


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