Day Four - Grasmere to Patterdale

Tues. 12th May 2009

Overnight:- West View: - Another great B&B this time run by Christine. Hot tea as soon as you like when you arrive, served up with two different home made cakes. Then topped that this morning by having freshly baked bread - scrummy

Today's Elevations

Today's Route

As viewed through bedroom window of Westview in general direction of Sting's house

Yes the "Sting"



Helm Craig from the other side to yesterday. This tim from the main Ambleside to Keswick road


Yes Matt that way up "Great Tongue"

Not really we took a less steep option just to the right

The way to the top - but that not the top, there's more to follow once you get there


Tongue Gill waterfall and me


"The Blood Trail"

We met an ederly gentleman on his way down with a very bloody hankerchief wrapped around his index finger. We discovered that he had ripped the top of it almost off but with little guideness from him (he is/was a GP we managed to tape it together enough for him to make further progress. He was more bothered about the telling off he was going to get from his wife than the stitches needed

Gridale Tarn - the top

at least as far as we were going. We had proposed that we continue up to Helvelyn and back down Striding Edge but what thes pictures don't shw is the 50MPH wind gusts we were experienceing.

Not a day for Striding Edge.

St. Sunday Crag


The route to Dollywagon Pike - the route we would have took if heading for Striding Edge


Cofa Pike


Ruthwaite Lodge - time for lunch


It's either Matt or Map study time


Saves me telling you about it


How did that get there?


Waterfalls on Grisdale Beck


Dinner - one each medium to rare and a side portion of chunky chips please


Up there tomorrow


The southern end of Ulswater

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