Day Two - Ennerdale Bridge to Stonethwaite

Sun.10th May 2009

Overnight:- Fox and Hounds:- Disappointing to say the least. "Sign in here - here's your key, through the door, up the stairs, first on the right" Nice welcome. Menu was OTT and pricey so we ate at the Sheppards Arms just round the corner. Breakfast was good in that the food was tasty but I think they are trying to punch above their weight. Scrambled egg on toast, I mean just do "what it says on the tin" Put the eggs on some toast - simple. No, toast cut corner to corner, arranged in a pretty formation on side of plate with eggs in middle of it. I mean have you ever tried to get toast under a pile of scrambled egg?


Today's Elevations

Today's Route


Ennerdale Weir

Weather was overcast but sun was trying to break through.


Back down Ennerdale towards Ennerdale Bridge


By this time sun had done its job. Micro fleeces were off and legs were out - that's more like it I can breath now.


The river Liza is flowing strong today

And it looks like rain.

Hold that thought that's hail, bloody great lumps of it started to fall.


Matt in the Black Sail Y.H. getting ready for the off after lunch and drying off


Matt taking photo's of the Black Sail Y.H.


One of the more local residents of the Black Sail Y.H. takes a moment from their lunch to check what's about.



Not up there? Yep all the way to the top up Loft Beck


Loks worse looking down - Glad we were nearly at the top


Hail stones - reminants of. We got drenched big time - that's twice


And then the sun came out and "just look at that Malcolm"

Buttermere in the foreground with Crumock Water behind.


A poem etched in slate outside the entrance to Honister Slate Mine


Verse 2



A recently arrived local. All say "arh"


Rhodidenderum,derum,derums (family joke)


Gillercombe -our bed for the night


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