Day One - St. Bees to Ennerdale Bridge

Sat. 9th May 2009

Overnight: - Stonehouse Farm. - Nice place very comfortable and the breakfast I'm sure could not have been better. I didn't partake a great deal as I'd spent most of the night sat on the loo with tummy trouble.


Today's Elevations

Today's Route

(As my software only covers the National Parks many thanks to "The Lone Walker" from who's web site I "half-inched" this map)


St. Bega from which comes St. Bees


Good Luck Mate - We're going to need it.

Dipping our boots, ready for the off

Matt had brought along a wee dram of Irish Whisky (is that correct can you have a "scottish" wee dram of Irish Whisky - Oh never mind) to set us off on our way. Irish for the Irish Sea he says, "God help us when we get to the North Sea I say, wait and see says he"

From there to there doesn't look so far to me. The official start line


Surf and foam being wash up on the shore just north of St Bees at Fleswick Bay. My word it was windy

Windy doesn't say it all, 50mph gusts of wind and cold very cold blowing in from the north east. Didn't Wainwright say something about prevailing weather from the west?

Dent - it was steep and it was slippy in places after the down pour we had just had

Dent is just outside of Cleator and was our first climb of the walk. The first of many as it tuned out.

Nannycatch - really is a lovely place to be and to walk



Ennerdale Bridge - the end (at least for today) is now in site


The Ennerdale Valley our route for tomorrow. The lake is just behind the line of trees


The Fox & Hounds -made it. Hey Matt you really fill that door way

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