Welcome to Matt and Dave's Journal

Hi I'm Dave Sipson, the author (in the main) of this journal about our Coast to Coast walk in aid of "The Christine McFarlane Nurses Training School". "Our" being myself of course and Matt McFarlane (Christine's husband) who I have known both as friend and work colleague for the last 10 years. The walk itself I am looking forward to immensely but to have also set myself this far more difficult task of this journal whilst "on the hoof" I must need my head looking at. My intention, (wish, hope and prayer) is to produce a daily account of our experiences during evening of the walk, to then upload it onto the web (subject to an available connection of course) allowing friends and comrades back home keep track of us. You of course may not fit into any of these categories and have just stumbled upon this site whilst happily surfing the web and if so I apologize for what will probably be the most uninteresting C2C journal ever written. If you knew me, my level of computer skills and my bent towards (being an engineer) numbers rather than the written word, never mind having to upload it (whatever that means) something which I never dreamed that I would be doing, you might get a faint idea of how scary this is for me. It is however a challenge I have taken on and as you are actually reading this I must have succeeded in producing something, so a relieved man I must now be.